Sit Up Bar

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Sit Up Bar


    Please avoid using on the floor with crevices. Please wipe off the moisture and dust before using. Note that this product may not work on textured wood floorsProduct Advantage:

    1. The 3rd generation Sit Up Bar with comfortable Foam Padding and Support Rode and 4 Adjustable Positions is functional, comfortable and adjustable. Idea for home,office or travel

    2. It’s light weight and compact design makes carrying it from place to place easy and efficient. use it at home, travel or anywhere you go

    3. The foam-covered handle bars provide a comfortable padding for your instep to traction when performing sit ups

    4. 3rd Generation bottom rubber sucker of sit up bar is bigger than old. the newest have strong suction, more secure and stable . 29 x 18.5 x 12 cm large suction rubber chassis to fit securely it works with any kind of floor

    5.rubber sucker sit-up floor bar lets you get an abdominal workout any place.Constructed of cold-rolled sturdy steel to last long build,with elastic foam padding providing cushioning comfort for the back of your feet

    Four Steps to Install and Remove the Sucker Sit Up Bar First: Step:Choose a clean and dry flat ground to avoid the gap between the ground and sit up bar. If the ground is wet or have dust,please clean it

    Second Step:Install the Sucker.Press the sit up bar, emptying the bottom air of sucker,at the same time, pull down firmly the Lock to ensure it won’t move.kindly remind that at the step you need to use your two hands at same time. Must ensure the air has been drained

    Third Step: Adjust a comfortable height for yourself. The sit up bar equipped 4 adjustable gear positions. Press the spring buckle inward,meantime,hold the foam padding crossbar to adjust the position up and down

    Last Steps:When you finish fitness, do not pull the sit up bar directly. Only need to lift up a little the edge of suction

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    Sit Up Bar

     850 990 (-14%)

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