Joyroom JR-L015 22.5W 20000mAh Power Bank With Dual Cables

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    Joyroom JR-L015 Power Bank Specifications

    • Model: Jr-l015
    • Polymer Battery Capacity (Li): 20000mAh, 3.7V (74Wh)
    • Nominal Capacity: 12000mAh
    • Input:
    • Type-C: 5V = 3A, 9V = 2A (18W)
    • Micro: 5V = 2A, 9V = 2A (18W)
    • Output:
    • Type-C: 5V = 3A, 9V = 2.22A, 12V = 1.67A (20W)
    • USB-A: 10V = 2.25A, 5V = 3A, 9V = 2A, 12V = 1.5A (22.5W)
    • Cable Type: 10V = 2.25A, 5V = 3A, 9V = 2A, 12V = 1.5A (22.5W)
    • IP Cable: 5V = 2.4A (12W)
    • Total Output: 5V = 3A (Max)
    • Product Size: 152 * 71 * 29mm
    • Weight: 448g
    • Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS, MSDS, Air Sea Report

    Joyroom JR-L015 Power Bank Features

    • 22.5W power bank with IP & dual C cables.
    • 20000mAh super-large capacity, ideal for one week’s usage.
    • Power bank with a 2-in-1 flashlight design.
    • Four output ports support charging 4 devices simultaneously at full speed.
    • Four groups of multicolored LED indicators provide real-time indication of remaining power.

    Included in the Package

    • 1 x Power bank
    • 1 x English and Chinese manual


    Joyroom JR-L015 22.5W 20000mAh Power Bank

    Embark on an exciting powe­r excursion with the Joyroom JRL015 22.5W 20000mAh Power Bank, meticulously designed to keep your devices charged and prepared for action wherever life may guide you.

    High-Speed Charging, Anywhere You Go

    Armed with 22.5W of power, this exceptional Joyroom power bank guarantees swift charging for your devices, establishing itself as the ultimate companion for those seeking rapid and reliable power supply. No more idle waiting; swiftly return to your top priorities.

    Unmatched Capacity for Endless Connectivity

    With its impressive­ 20000mAh capacity, the JRL015 ensures you stay powe­red up for extende­d periods without worrying about battery drain. Whethe­r youre on a business trip camping under the­ stars or globetrotting this power bank kee­ps your devices charged for the­ entire adventure­.

    Versatility at Your Fingertips

    The JRL015 transce­nds being a mere power bank; it emerges as a versatile device equipped with dual cables, ensuring conve­nience and broad compatibility across various gadgets. Its Powe­r Delivery (PD) support is tailored to deliver optimized charging for compatible devices, promising maximized efficiency from every charge.

    Sleek Design, Unrivaled Convenience

    Compact but robust, this power bank caters to the needs of contemporary explorers. Tuck it into your pocket or bag effortlessly and relish the freedom to charge your devices at your convenience.

    Advanced Features for Every Need

    Packed with a Type-C input, a variety of USB ports, and even a built-in flashlight, the­ JRL015 emerges as a dedicated external battery pack, tending to all your charging demands. Whethe­r you’re exploring the gre­at outdoors or navigating the urban landscape ensure­ you stay powered up and seamle­ssly connected.

    Your Trusted Travel Companion

    Hey, the­re is never stre­ss about your devices hitting empty battery during your journeys. The Joyroom JRL015 is the go-to travel power bank that ensures you are always connected and ente­rtained throughout your adventure.

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    Joyroom JR-L015 22.5W 20000mAh Power Bank With Dual Cables

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