J112 smart phone built-in battery(iP11 Pro Max)

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    High-Capacity Li-Polymer Battery:
    The replacement battery features a high-capacity 3969mAh Li-Polymer design, ensuring prolonged usage.

    CE and RoHS certifications guarantee compliance with quality and safety standards.

    Built-in Smart Chip:
    The battery incorporates a smart chip that provides protection against overcharging, overcurrent, and short circuits.

    Ease of Installation:
    Designed for easy installation, making it accessible for users to replace the battery without complications.

    Long-Lasting Power:
    Provides extended battery life, offering reliable power for your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    Extended Usage:
    The high-capacity battery ensures that your iPhone 11 Pro Max stays powered for an extended period, reducing the need for frequent recharging.

    Quality Assurance:
    CE and RoHS certifications signify that the battery meets stringent quality and safety standards.

    Enhanced Protection:
    The built-in smart chip safeguards against common issues like overcharging, overcurrent, and short circuits, contributing to the overall safety of your device.

    User-Friendly Installation:
    Designed to be easily installed, allowing users to replace the battery with minimal effort and technical know-how.

    Cost-Effective Solution:
    Presents a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new device, especially for users experiencing battery-related issues with their iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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    J112 smart phone built-in battery(iP11 Pro Max)

     1,750 1,900 (-8%)

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